We provide support services and contribute to the positive dynamism of our community.


Our services include but not limited to the following;


Living Word Care collects food mainly from FoodBank at a fraction of the cost and offer food relief to individuals and families who have low incomes or are unemployed, who lack funds to pay rent and bills, and unexpected expenses such as car repairs or medical bills and to the homeless.


Life can be unpredictable at times. Therefore anyone can fall into financial hardship even with the best of financial plans. Living Word Care offers financial assistance based on the availability of funds, sincerity of individuals and severity of each case. We usually do not give cash but help victims pay their rent, bills, etc.


Social activities promote interaction and relationship, which help reduce stress, overcome psychological problems such as depression and anxiety and increase physical health. Living Word Care sponsors and organises social events such as Life Festival, Friendship Lunch, Total Marriage Agenda, etc.


Language can be a life-diminishing barrier to many new migrants in Australia. To help make immigrants of non-English speaking background deploy their skills and participate effectively in the economy of Australia, Living Word Care offers free English Language Classes in a fun and friendly environment.


In this age of information technology, governments, companies, organisations and businesses are quickly moving away from physical letters to electronic communication. People of all ages are now required to know how to use computers, Internet and productivity software. Living Word Care offers computer training to those who need it.


Living Word Care offers positive relationships, positive environments and positive experiences through our youth development programs such as youth conferences, youth camps and youth sporting activities. We help make responsible youth who are developed socially, ethically, emotionally, physically and cognitively.


Seeking the peace and prosperity of the members of our community and the wider society.

Our Vision

We are committed to the vision of a peaceful and prosperous community for all people.

Our Mission

We provide support services and contribute to the positive dynamism of our community through our food and financial relief, training and development and social event programs.

Our Values

We hold dearly three main values, which guide all our community-focused undertakings. These values are FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. We have faith that we can make positive difference in the lives of people. We believe that there is hope for anyone alive. We care to serve our community because love all people.

Our Community Services

We also offer the following free community services;
+ Information & Referral to Community Services 
+ Advocate for Social Justice
+ Provide Services for Refugee & Asylum Seekers
+ Homework Support Service for Disadvantaged Students
+ Employment Preparation Services
+ Psych Social Counsellings
+ Crisis Support
+ Emergency Relief Service to the Community 
+ Follow up and Contact to Vulnerable Members of the Community
+ Sponsoring Orphans

Get in Touch

  • 0490 553 794
  • Unit 7, 30 Foundry Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147








The cost of living in Sydney keeps rising but our salaries remain the same. We sometimes find ourselves short of money for all the groceries we need for our family of six. There was a season in our lives when Living Word Care's Food Relief program was such a great benefit to our family. We will always remember and appreciate the help of LWC during that season of our lives.


A Mother of Four
My husband and I have not been able to work for some years because of some health reasons. Though we carefully manage our finance in order to avoid financial hardship, at a point we fell into a very hard time. Bills got piled up and our car registration was overdue. I had nowhere to turn but to Living Word Care. They kindly assisted me to pay some of my urgent bills.


A Community Member
I attended an event organised by Living Word Care to which the community was invited. I had such a great time connecting with people I might not have had the opportunity to meet. I had fun playing and making positive friends. Through the support and motivation of the friends I made at the event, my life now has a direction and a great future.


A Community Member


Contact us for our services or for information on how to get involved or become a volunteer.


We organise events like Family Day, Youth Camps, Community Picnics/BBQ, Excursion etc.

Please watch this space for our upcoming events.